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Aleksandra Jovanovic Magđar, family educator, advises children on how to get used to sleeping in his bed.

Be firm and do not give up the intention that they should sleep alone. Children will quickly get used to

Babies around the fifth month of a sudden start to the evening of hard to sleep. Some babies are about six months reported nighttime waking. To introduce the continuity, it is necessary to give them the pacifier, blanket or favorite toy with a gentle caress. After a few nights, touch replace the message: "Everything is fine. I am here, continue to sleep. "

- Do not expect your child to stop crying immediately, but be persistent in their actions, because that way you will achieve it after a few weeks it sleeps all night in continuity - says Aleksandra Jovanovic Magđar.


When it is ACTIVE

New babies from seven or eight months knows how to be at night, because this is the time when they begin to sit, crawl or stand. Let them alone practiced these skills and you for that night's sleep time. If your baby's activities interfere with sleep, move the crib in another room. New problems arise with active children around the eleventh or twelfth month, because then the baby learn to get up and get out of the crib.

Calm and SOLID

Children who experience strong feelings may take some time to relax before bed, especially after bathing or changing clothes even after the pajamas. If you are calm and firm in the withdrawal line, they are usually quick to adapt themselves to lie down to sleep.

- Sensitive children are often difficult to fall asleep. They know how long and loud to cry. Warm bath, quiet music, storytelling at bedtime, scratching the back and quietly singing soothes them. Only at the age of twenty months, these children may fall asleep independently, without the help of parents - says Alexander.